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Appointment Guidelines

I am taking several extra precautions behind the scenes in the salon to keep everyone safe and healthy.  In order to do this I request that you take a moment to read the following so YOU are prepared before you come to your next appointment.


  • When to arrive please come in and take a seat in our beautiful waiting area. I will come find you there when I am ready for you and bring you to my suite for your appointment

  • DO NOT COME IF YOU HAVE KNOWINGLY BEEN IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS COVID-19 or ARE CURRENTLY SHOWING SYMPTOMS YOURSELF (including but not limited to: fever, cough, shortness of breath, lack of smell, sore throat) 

  • DO NOT COME if you are sick in any way

  • Masks are your choice! If you would like me to wear one for your protection just ask :)


 I take all major credit cards, check and cash. 

Venmo is also an option.

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